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AGT and Associates Inc. | Monmouth Junction, NJ


Looking for some good old-fashioned sales training? Don't call us.

Reinforcement Training

Our training programs are designed to move your sales, management and service teams to the next level. We’ll focus your training in the areas of Strategy, Skills, Staffing and Structure. Developing a training program typically follows this three step process outlined below.

DISC and Devine

Assess and Benchmark

The DEVINE Inventory will benchmark the behaviors of you and your team. We often call this the MRI to analyze the skill-sets that you or your team bring to the table. This tool gives us a baseline of those skills and a direction on what needs to be dialed up or dialed down. Using the DISC profiling system we are able to identify the communication styles of you & your team. More important, we partner with you to effectively enhance the "style"you bring to the table at every interaction - whether with a colleague, client or prospect. Our goal is for you to be comfortable with who you are, be able to identify the style of who you're dealing with and finally make adjustments to get into the "world" of who you're dealing with.

Generate a Course of Action

Generate a Course of Action

Partnering with our clients is critical to success. We overlay our training program with the results of your assessments to give us the roadmap to follow. As we identify your needs and opportunities a customized working document is created. This becomes the cornerstone of the program. Our typical training is interactive and focuses on ongoing reinforcement, the working document allows us to modify your program based upon your specific needs.

Transfer of Knowledge

Transfer Knowledge

This is where the rubber hits the road - it's the application of what's learned. If your looking for old fashioned techniques there is no need to contact us. The most successful transfer of knowledge takes place when individuals learn, take action, debrief, & repeat. Ongoing reviews and assessments allow us to determine the growth you or your team are making. We need input from management to evaluate the changes taking place. If you're not willing to invest time to ensure what's being learned is being applied then we're probably not a good fit.